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West Coast Life Insurance Company

West Coast Life Insurance

In 1997, West Coast Life Insurance Co. was aquired by Protective Life Insurance. West Coast Life Insurance contributed its excellent reputation in the industry to the growing list of the Protective Life family of policyholders.

West Coast Life Insurance History

West Coast Life Insurance was founded in 1906 and Protective Life in 1907. The two companies have a combined history of nearly 200 years in the life insurance business in America. In addition West Coast Life Insurance has a history which includes more ¬†”firsts” than most other companies can even imagine. Since 1997, West Coast Life Insurance has grown to be the crown jewel of the Protective Life Family.

West Coast Life Insurance quote

The West Coast Life Insurance reputation is based in part on their quickness to respond, quality of products, serving our employees, and protection of the consumer. They are also known to have extremely competitive term life insurance rates and aggressive underwriting.

In our quick response, we ¬†have adopted Protective Life’s Five Cardinal Principles which have given us the framework to make quality an integral part of our company.

West Coast Life Insurance 5 Cardinal Principles

  • Focus on the customer.
  • Continuously improve.
  • Equip, empower, and liberate people and trust their capability and willingness to improve.
  • Concentrate on the long term, the whole process, and the team.
  • Use statistical analysis to understand and continuously improve the process.

To our people, and all departments at all levels of service, West Coast Life Insurance does what they must for the client, as we have done year-by-year, since 1906.

Rating Agency Rating Category Rating
A.M. Best Financial Strength A+
Standard & Poor’s Financial Strength AA-
Moody’s Financial Strength A2
Fitch Financial Strength A
Physical Address for New Business (Life products only):
2801 Highway 280 South
Birmingham, AL 35223
Tell me what these ratings mean
West Coast Life
Address1 PO Box 830570
Address2 -
City Birmingham
State AL
Zip 35283
PhoneNum 800-366-9378
FaxNum 415-433-1372
WebPage http://www.westcoastlife.com
Contact us at info@etermlifeinsurance.net if you have any other questions about West Coast Life Insurance.

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